Whether you are interested in selling your company, contemplating expansion or need assistance in securing or restructuring debt or equity, Long Grove Capital has the expertise to make it happen.


Our Services Include: 

Mergers and Acquisitions (Seller Representation): value your company; prepare an effective marketing package; identify potential buyers; structure, negotiate and close transactions.

Mergers and Acquisitions (Buyer Representation): research potential markets; identify and value potential sellers; structure, negotiate and close transactions.

Capital Formation: raise capital for new projects, for growth or to replace or supplement existing capital sources; find joint venture equity partners.

Valuations: provide accurate estimates for tax planning, restructuring, arranging buy/sell transactions and in conjunction with merger and acquisition engagements. 

Financial Troubleshooting: restructure existing loans; secure new loans; suggest alternative financial mechanisms; negotiate with lenders and close loans. 

Operational/Financial Evaluations: assess corporate financial strengths and weaknesses; recommend performance improvement strategies.